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Where to Go to Buy Australian Flags

You may not feel the need to fly the national flag every day of the week but there are times when you will want to show national pride, and what better way is there to do that than to fly the flag. When you buy Australian Flags, you are buying an item that will make you pride and thus, we make sure that you receive a top of the range product. Some will fly outside and others inside, so it is possible to buy a different type for each location.

Materials – To ensure that they are top quality, the flags are made from a new material. It is a 650-denier polyester and called 650D FusionTex. It has been designed specifically for people who buy flags and it can stand the most severe wind and rain thanks to the thick thread weave. Despite its strength, it still both looks and feels like cotton meaning that it is professional to look at and a pleasure to fly. To keep the corners together, the fly end is triple stitched. This makes the flag durable under many circumstances. Unlike previous options when you wanted to buy Australian Flags they would not be as robust, these are going to take a lot of punishment by the elements.

Make-up of the flag – There are three elements to the Australian flag below :

  • The Southern Cross
  • The Union Jack
  • The Commonwealth Star

To provide the colours that are required, screen printing techniques are used. There is an element of UV to the ink and this makes sure that the colours do not fade, but last for a long time. There are sister clips at the top and bottom to allow a feeling of security and make sure of the safety of anyone near to the flag. When you buy Australian Flags from us we want to make sure that we are providing you with the best product that money can buy.

Outside flags – It is not just the colours and design of the flag that we insist is accurate, but also the size. As the flag is a 1:2, it measures 1800mm x 900mm.

Indoor flags – While these will not need the same level of durability as an outdoor one, they will be made with the same amount of care. Size is not going to be an issue, and while square and rectangular flags will be easier to produce, other shapes can be created. The same level of detail will be included and those to be used outside will have the same ink and materials used.

By coming to us directly, you could save money as there is no middle man to pay. On certain orders, you may be even to save a large amount – hundreds of dollars at least. You will also have direct contact with the people carrying out the work, so any issues or concerns can be dealt with easily.

The last word – ~It is to the credit of our employees that many of the order we receive are repeat orders.  Speed of delivery is important to us, but at no stage will we rush an order and risk not producing the flags to the highest standard. We produce flags for government departments as well as the armed services and if they are happy with the standard of our work, you should be reassured that it is safe to buy Australian Flags from us. We do not insist on a minimum order and will work as hard on a small order as we will on a large and more lucrative one.

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