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What to do in Dundee City

Dundee is a city in Scottish Gaelic and it is called officially City of Dundee. It is the 4th biggest city in Scotland and it is the most populous city in UK at 51 position. It is found in the central Lowlands at the North bank at the firth of Tay while it feeds in North Sea.  The city is historically a part of Angus and it was developed in the medieval times. It had expanded rapidly and it expanded faster in the 19th century because of jute industry. It is together with other major industries and it was given the name of Jute, jam and Journalism.

Dundee has been promoted to be called One City, Many Discoveries because of the history it has about the scientific activities on the RRS Discovery and the Antarctic exploration vessels of Robert Falcon since it was built in the city of Dundee.  The technological and biomedical industries have been in the city since 1980s and it has now over 10 percent of United Kingdom digital entertainment industry and it has two universities.


If you decide to visit the city of Dundee, you will be able to do many things:

You can visit Dundee Treasure Trail: you can enjoy with your children when you decide to visit this city and to find out clues that will make you to get the next treasures.

Discovery Point has audiovisual and interactive features which are computer based which display the artifacts that can draw the family into the rich history of Antarctic Expedition of the Captain Scott.

Dundee science centre is for the people who want to immerse into the interactive exhibition and they can move the ball with the power of the mind. The person can enjoy the dramatic science demonstration and can see himself infrared.  You may morph yourself and turn in the ape, you may investigate the crime and you can try the keyhole surgery or to take the part in the science show.

Olympia Leisure Centre is a place with the pool features on the rapid river, seated bubble beds and wave pool. There are flumes that have cutting edge and they feature LED lights effects, clear sections and 3D holograms.

Avertical world Climbing Centre:  this is dedicated to the indoor climbing center for over 300 routes to reach to the top rope or to lead the climbing that plus the bouldering area. The kids club is held on weekends and it is for the children of 5 years and more.

Verdant Works is the place if you want to enjoy the great day out for the entire family. The hands are on the interactive displays with the computer based multimedia. The audio visual show is available with the guided tours.

Dundee museum of transport this is a temporary location and it is dedicated towards the transport heritage from Tayside.

Dundee Law is the extinct volcano and it is an observation point that can also guide your entire road.

University of Dundee Botanic Garden: The Botanic garden has wide range of the shrubs, trees and plants. There are some temperate and the tropical greenhouse, herb garden and water garden.

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