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This Foosball Guide is All You Need to Be a Pro in No Time!

Do your boys play foosball around and you just stand there watching? Or have you and the guys bought a new foosball table to have something new to do together but have no clue how to go about it. Don’t worry! This foosball guide will show you the short cut for becoming a pro straight from a beginner.

Foosball Shooting Tips

First thing you need to do is to not to grip the handle too hard. Gripping it too tight will give you more control than you need while too loose will obviously not work in your favor. That’s why it’s important that you hold it in a balanced way. Now there is a way to tell when you are holding it too tight and when you are holding it just right.

You see the skin that connects the index finger and your thumb? That is the test. If you are gripping the handle so that the skin is wrapped around the handle and there is no space left, it is an indication that you are holding it too tight. You want to hold it so that there is a gap between the skin and the handle. Try to keep in mind that you are not holding a bat or a racket.

Secondly, you want to move your wrist quickly every now and then to make an effective shot. When you turn your wrist in a quick motion, it should make your handle spin about 180 degrees. This will provide you the speed that you need to make a nice graceful shot. Try to use your hand openly and not in a confined manner so that you can get the best out of it.

Foosball Serving Tips

One thing great about playing foosball and not real soccer is that you get to serve yourself the ball on the drop. It’s just as important as the coin toss in the start of the real game. This is your chance to turn the tables (not literally of course). If you just stick the ball through holes, you are putting yourself at a disadvantage while your opponent at a great advantage.

Now the tip here is that you play smart. You have to be quick and send the ball to the men on the 5 the bar as soon as it drops. This brings the ball into your court and you have now the control over the game.

The Bumper Lube Tip

It is a widely known tip used by many players, that’s why you probably already know it if you have been playing it for a while. But since this foosball guide covers beginners as well, we might as well go through it again.

The lube is something you can use to clean and lubricate the rods of the foosball table. This takes off a lot of build-up from the rods and makes them smoother and more efficient.

Applying a lot of lube may cause some flake and wear. So if you are new to this and you own a foosball table, you might not want to get into that just yet.

Foosball Defense Tips

Use two rod together to present a better and stronger defense unit. Arrange them so that there is no space between your men and the ball can’t get through them that easily. The slightest gap between your men can turn the whole game around.

Your men should always be on the move, which means that you should always be in the defense mode. Don’t go easy because your partner has the ball you don’t have to move around, in fact that’s when you move around the most. A strong defense is the best offence.

When you are up against the old players, don’t give them something to go on. They have an eye for patterns and you don’t want them to catch yours. They have skill and experience which gives them a clear edge. What you can use in your favor is unpredictability. Keep changing your strategies, your moves and your patterns so they never know what it coming next and you get the benefit of taking them by surprise.

Avoid accidental bounces as much as you can. You will notice that the ball usually hits the men that are not even directly in the play or a hurdle towards the goal. These men are placed there for a special reason and that it to avoid these kinds of bounces. Do not use them for defense purposes, just tilt them slightly to keep the ball in the play.

If you try, you will notice that you can handle two rows at a time. You can do that by using your thumb and pinkie finger. You can use it to control your defense rows and it can prove really handy when your opponent is playing on the defensive side.

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