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Have a look at the Propaganda Hair Group

Finding a new stylist is almost as difficult as finding Prince Charming, but do not be discouraged, we give you some tips to find the right one. Putting your hair in the hands of someone new is like putting your child in the hands of a stranger. It is not an exaggeration, but probably the hair is the part that most women take care of our body so it is not so easy for us to trust a stylist who, at least, recommended it to us. Propaganda Hair Group works wonders.

Even though the hair eventually grows, cutting it is a decision that you should not take lightly; find out if your mane still has salvation. Many have crossed our heads to cut our hair for many reasons, either by having it mistreated or by a change of look. All our friends tell us its hair and it grows! , of course, as they are not the ones who have to endure a bad cut? See Propaganda Hair Group. So how do you know if the snip is the best for our hair? There are three main reasons why you would like to cut your hair:

By experimenting

If you want to make a change, you have to be completely sure of what you want, because an impulse can make you regret it; Thanks, for reminding us why we should think about it a thousand times! The solution is very simple: communication between you and the stylist. If at some point you do not like what she does to you, kindly ask her to stop for a moment and express to you that you do not like her at all.

Because he is mistreated

Now, if this change is because your hair needs the life and is much mistreated, the best tip I can give you is that before cutting it try to recover it. There are many products that can help the complete recovery of this one; For example, if you want to let it grow but you have about five cm of mistreated, Propaganda Hair Group recommend you start with a treatment in the cabin (inside the beauty salon ) and take home care products. Remember that you have to cut it from one to two cm and wait at least three months for the next blip. Believe me that your hair will grow and that is when you will notice the big difference in the result.

By excessive use of tools

If your hair is burned by thermal tools or by a bad chemical, recovery will be more complicated than by a simple peg. In this case, I recommend cutting it, but if you only have split ends or are a bit damaged DO NOT CUT IT, just give it a good blip and start treating it. Of course, it has happened to all of us that we let ourselves be guided by the prices or the rush and we ended up choosing “new scissors” blindly. Suddenly, the less you realize, you end up with that disastrous cut that you will never forget (even if you wanted to). Check out Propaganda Hair Group services.

Propaganda Hair Group- what we do?

So that you do not happen again we tell you the five main characteristics of a good stylist:

Respect your decisions

The stylists are artistic by nature, so often they bring ideas too bold and new for the taste of most people who like conventional cuts. Your hair is not a canvas to experiment, so if you just want a break, he or she will have to respect it no matter how boring it may seem. It is valid to suggest things to you, but if you notice that it is too insistent that you get half the head because it is fashion, it is time to say goodbye.

Know your subject

When a person knows about his subject and he is passionate, it shows. Give you personalized tips (without necessarily wanting to sell a cream or treatment) speaks very well of the stylist. We all want to leave our hair in the hands of a professional person, who knows the subject and who also likes what he does. As a test, the next time you are going to cut your hair, throw two or three questions and see how it responds to you if you notice that it evades you or does not go deep, think twice before returning with him or her.

It’s fun to talk with him or her

Neither is it about becoming friends of the soul, but it is essential that there is chemistry between the two to the degree that you feel confident to tell you if it goes well, if you have to stop to give yourself to understand better, if you need guidance, etc. If you try to make the talk and he or she puts see you!

Do not try to sell products

It is one thing to suggest a wax or treatment and another very different is that you are harassed trying to sell the products of the beauty salon. If suddenly you feel uncomfortable because the girl or boy goes three times that tell you how excellent it is such a cream and that “coincidentally” they sell it in the place, the best thing is that you do not beat around the bush and tell her very clearly that it interests you, otherwise it will continue pressing until you buy it.

Time and price

A stylist, however good, cannot take so long for a cut or dye. You must understand the needs of your customers and within them is the fact that you have a thousand other things to do, so you can not invest a whole day in the beauty salon. Now, the fact that he does things fast does not mean he does them wrong. On the other hand, not always the most expensive is the best. If you are looking for a good beauty salon, nice and cheap (or at least not so expensive), we suggest you go to an area where there are many salons because when there is a lot of competition nearby, the most logical thing is to make more competitive prices to win clients and make their stylists better qualified. What other characteristics do you think that the good stylists like Propaganda Hair Group should have?

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