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Quality dentistry at an unbeatable price

It is the branch of dentistry responsible for diagnosis, prevention, interception and correction of all clinical forms of malocclusion, as well as crowding, diastemas, open bites, closed bites, scissors bite, and skeletal problems, among other anomalies that prevent the patient has an occlusal and functional harmony that allows him to talk, eat and smile properly.

In our clinic, we offer a variety of preventive treatments that help stop the malocclusion and thus prevent it from progressing. We also offer general treatments and


  1. Dental hygiene
  2. Topical application of fluoride to strengthen the teeth and prevent tooth decay
  3. Pits and fissure sealants: preventive treatment that consists of sealing grooves and pits that have teeth where it is very easy to caries
  4. Space maintainers: simple devices that are placed when the child has lost a tooth prematurely, and much more

At us, we are committed to providing the patient with a personalized quality service and using the most modern resources and techniques. We believe that good oral health is essential for an optimal quality of life that is why we offer solutions in different areas of dentistry. We offer you the best services and technologies at prices without competition because we believe that everyone has the right to enjoy good oral health, regardless of their economic situation.

For Celebrity Orthodontist we have a team of professionals differs by offering a close treatment, which gives the patient the security of being in the best hands. They cover all the branches of oral health, standing out for their academic training, more than 30 years of experience and mainly for their human quality. These characteristics offer confidence, security, and tranquility to the patient, who feels that their case is in the best hands and will always have a personalized treatment.

At Celebrity Orthodontist center, provided with comfortable facilities, is located in the center. Our clients are everything for us, that’s why we look for them to feel comfortable in our dental clinic offering them a good atmosphere, professionalism, and kindness. If you have any questions about the services we offer, about our team or you just want to know how we can help you improve your smile, do not hesitate to contact us. It’s never too late to have that smile you’ve dreamed about so much.

We are not just any clinic: we have available to our patients the most innovative services and the most advanced technology to guarantee maximum comfort during their treatment. We design the orthodontics of the future. If you are a celebrity and ate looking for a Celebrity Orthodontist, then we are your best choice!

Four years ago the different areas of dentistry have been integrated by incorporating more specialists to be able to solve cases in a more comprehensive and effective way.

Each case is analyzed completely, a diagnostic appointment is made where photographs, study models, and clinical history are taken, as well as panoramic and cephalometric radiographs that provide us with the necessary information to determine the type of treatment for each case. patient. Each case is different, therefore the treatment varies according to the patient’s age, type of malocclusion, the presence of oral habits and patient profile, so the treatment time also depends on these factors.

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