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How to save on the hotels in Dundee city

If you are going to a new city like Dundee, it is important to know how you can get the hotels you want while learning about the deals available that can help you to save. If you want to enjoy the offers available, you should keep the following tips in your mind:

Choose the season you want to visit in a careful manner:  the rates of the room may vary differently based on the time that you are visiting such city. Winter is the best time for the bargains while summer is the second best. When you visit the city in fall, it can be the most expensive and busiest time other than Christmas period.  You should not think that a hotel is of high quality because of the price they charge since sometime low quality hotel may charge high price depending on the time that the city will be full or not.

Check downtown or uptown: advantages of the midtown location may not be considered but it is important for anyone who wants to save money.  You may get the best value of your money when you look for the hotels that are outside of the city center.  You will be away of the crowds, you will get good restaurant near you and you can be in the city in few minutes.

Check money saving deal for packages: the travel package can combine the airfare with the hotel stay for just one price. There are some packages that include the transportation, accommodation and the airfare from airport and other extra. You can check such package with the airlines agents and booking websites.

Take time to shop:  There are many ways that you can shop around and there are some apps that you can use to make the comparison.

While in the hotels, you can save the excess charges or hidden costs by using prepaid cards, pay phones and cell phones and not using the hotel phones since you may be charged high for them. You should be aware of the taxes or service charges that you will have to pay on the top of the price you were given.

When you decide on where you want to stay, you should also consider the parking or taxi fees to reach where you want to go.  It may be good to be near the place where you will be working or visiting to enjoy late night or early start from your hotel.  Depending on your situation, you may have to consider other amenities and features of the hotel like security guard or a doorman.  Check when the hotel was remodeled last and consider the cleanliness.

When you visit Dundee, then one hotel you can try out is Shaftesbury.  The hotel is found in the west end in a quiet place.  It is near the vibrant city centre and you can visit Riverside Technology Park, Botanic Garden, Dundee airport and Ninewells Hospital and the University easily.  The hotel is under Martin and Heather and they offer a warm welcome, comfortable and clean accommodation, great breakfast and your stay will be perfect here. You will also get a free use of the computer and Wi-Fi, guest bar lounge, fax services and ample and free street parking.

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