Prevent injuries caused by chainsaws by removing trees after a disaster

The activities of professionals in the forestry sector include the handling of cutting tools such as chainsaws whose precise use of the use of a breastplate or protective pants in order to prevent possible accidents and injuries. To guarantee the adaptation of the pants to the worker, this must adapt and allow the normal development of activities, without limiting movements or specifying additional efforts. Working with motor machines requires great concentration. It is good to be able to rely on effective personal protection. Pants to prevent chainsaw injury are protective clothing and accessories not only comply with regulations but in many cases exceed it, while offering great comfort. Use our wide range of safety clothing and accessories. You must opt for pants to prevent chainsaw injury.

A distribution of adequate sizes and a successful pattern allow the worker to choose the garment that best fits without problems of limitation of movement or high pressures. These aspects are fundamental in the work clothes for their high demands and because in the case of trousers or overalls anti-cut protection, the garment incorporates protection elements that make the clothes may be a prior more uncomfortable.

  • It is advisable to have several lengths for each size, in order to cover the variability in height existing in population.
  • The design of the pants or breastplate should consider the differences in the shape and existing body proportions between men and women and have different sizes for each population group.
  • Depending on the manufacturer, the sizing systems may vary in the number of sizes. There are systems that designate the size using letters (for example, M for medium size) and systems that use numbers (size 40, size 42 …). The common is that the size assignment is given by the waist contour and height. He

The manufacturer must clearly explain the procedure for taking measurements and assignment of pant sizes. The greater the number of sizes available, the assignment will be more likely and the pants will provide a good adjustment.

  • The trousers must have systems that allow adjustment of the waist, the ankle, and the leg. This supposes two advantages, on the one hand, to adapt the garment to the different morphologies of the workers and on the other hand facilitate mobility.
  • It is convenient that the waist incorporates an elastic band, which will make more comfortable pants if it also includes enough loops, the adjustment will still be more appropriate.

Stay safe whilst wearing pants to prevent chainsaw injury

  • Wear appropriate protective clothing and goggles.
  • Choose the appropriate chainsaw size that corresponds to the job you are going to do.
  • Operate, adjust and maintain the chainsaw according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Take special care when cutting trees or branches that are stressed by being bent, twisted, or by leaning on something or trapped under another object during high winds.
  • Make sure that people who are near you are at a safe distance from the place where you perform the cutting activities.
  • Before cutting, check around the tree or branch under tension to see if there are hazards such as nails, power lines or cables.
  • Keep in mind that there is a risk of injury from chainsaws when removing trees
  • Safety measures to prevent injuries when using a chainsaw
  • Operate and adjust the saw and maintain it according to the manufacturer’s instructions included in the chainsaw manual.

Correctly sharpen the chain cutting links and properly lubricate the blade with chain and bar oil. Also, check and adjust the blade periodically to maintain the correct tension in the chain so that it does not come off the blade and to ensure an effective cutting action. Choose the right size of the chainsaw that corresponds to the job you are going to do and includes safety devices such as chain brake, rear, and front hand guards, stop button, chain clamp and spark arrestor. Wear appropriate protective equipment such as a helmet, safety goggles, ear protectors, heavy duty gloves, long cut-resistant trousers (chainsaw chaps) that cover from the waist to the top of the foot, and boots that cover the ankle.

Check around the area where you are cutting in case there are dangers such as nails or wires, both inside the wood and among the debris scattered near the tree or branch. Avoid contact with power lines until it is found that they have no power. Always keep the chainsaw at waist height or below it when making cuts to control it safely. Clear the area of branches and cut wood as you work to use the chainsaw more safely and to have an escape route in the event of a sudden movement of trees and branches that you did not anticipate. People who are nearby or co-workers must remain at least two times the height of the tree (at least 150 feet) of anyone who is tearing down a tree and at least 30 feet away from anyone who is operating. a chainsaw to remove branches or a fallen tree.

If an injury occurs, apply pressure directly on sites with heavy bleeding: this can save lives. Beware of injuries that branches or bent trees may cause when they are released Take special care when cutting trees or branches that are stressed by being bent, twisted, or by leaning on something or trapped under another object during high winds. If the tree or branch suddenly comes loose, it can hit the person who is cutting it or people nearby with enough force to cause serious injury or death. Even a tree or branch of seemingly small dimensions (2 inches in diameter, for example) can create a risk when released from stress.

To avoid injuries

Identify the maximum point of tension in the tensioned bent branch. Trim the bottom part of the tree little by little instead of cutting it completely to allow the tree or branch to release tension little by little.

How can the public help?

The best thing is that it is a chainsaw operator with training and experience in the safe use of chainsaws and cutting techniques that tear down and remove the branches of trees. Make sure that people around you are at a safe distance from cutting activities, that the chainsaw operator uses personal protective equipment and that workers follow safeguards.


Have a look at the Propaganda Hair Group

Finding a new stylist is almost as difficult as finding Prince Charming, but do not be discouraged, we give you some tips to find the right one. Putting your hair in the hands of someone new is like putting your child in the hands of a stranger. It is not an exaggeration, but probably the hair is the part that most women take care of our body so it is not so easy for us to trust a stylist who, at least, recommended it to us. Propaganda Hair Group works wonders.

Even though the hair eventually grows, cutting it is a decision that you should not take lightly; find out if your mane still has salvation. Many have crossed our heads to cut our hair for many reasons, either by having it mistreated or by a change of look. All our friends tell us its hair and it grows! , of course, as they are not the ones who have to endure a bad cut? See Propaganda Hair Group. So how do you know if the snip is the best for our hair? There are three main reasons why you would like to cut your hair:

By experimenting

If you want to make a change, you have to be completely sure of what you want, because an impulse can make you regret it; Thanks, for reminding us why we should think about it a thousand times! The solution is very simple: communication between you and the stylist. If at some point you do not like what she does to you, kindly ask her to stop for a moment and express to you that you do not like her at all.

Because he is mistreated

Now, if this change is because your hair needs the life and is much mistreated, the best tip I can give you is that before cutting it try to recover it. There are many products that can help the complete recovery of this one; For example, if you want to let it grow but you have about five cm of mistreated, Propaganda Hair Group recommend you start with a treatment in the cabin (inside the beauty salon ) and take home care products. Remember that you have to cut it from one to two cm and wait at least three months for the next blip. Believe me that your hair will grow and that is when you will notice the big difference in the result.

By excessive use of tools

If your hair is burned by thermal tools or by a bad chemical, recovery will be more complicated than by a simple peg. In this case, I recommend cutting it, but if you only have split ends or are a bit damaged DO NOT CUT IT, just give it a good blip and start treating it. Of course, it has happened to all of us that we let ourselves be guided by the prices or the rush and we ended up choosing “new scissors” blindly. Suddenly, the less you realize, you end up with that disastrous cut that you will never forget (even if you wanted to). Check out Propaganda Hair Group services.

Propaganda Hair Group- what we do?

So that you do not happen again we tell you the five main characteristics of a good stylist:

Respect your decisions

The stylists are artistic by nature, so often they bring ideas too bold and new for the taste of most people who like conventional cuts. Your hair is not a canvas to experiment, so if you just want a break, he or she will have to respect it no matter how boring it may seem. It is valid to suggest things to you, but if you notice that it is too insistent that you get half the head because it is fashion, it is time to say goodbye.

Know your subject

When a person knows about his subject and he is passionate, it shows. Give you personalized tips (without necessarily wanting to sell a cream or treatment) speaks very well of the stylist. We all want to leave our hair in the hands of a professional person, who knows the subject and who also likes what he does. As a test, the next time you are going to cut your hair, throw two or three questions and see how it responds to you if you notice that it evades you or does not go deep, think twice before returning with him or her.

It’s fun to talk with him or her

Neither is it about becoming friends of the soul, but it is essential that there is chemistry between the two to the degree that you feel confident to tell you if it goes well, if you have to stop to give yourself to understand better, if you need guidance, etc. If you try to make the talk and he or she puts see you!

Do not try to sell products

It is one thing to suggest a wax or treatment and another very different is that you are harassed trying to sell the products of the beauty salon. If suddenly you feel uncomfortable because the girl or boy goes three times that tell you how excellent it is such a cream and that “coincidentally” they sell it in the place, the best thing is that you do not beat around the bush and tell her very clearly that it interests you, otherwise it will continue pressing until you buy it.

Time and price

A stylist, however good, cannot take so long for a cut or dye. You must understand the needs of your customers and within them is the fact that you have a thousand other things to do, so you can not invest a whole day in the beauty salon. Now, the fact that he does things fast does not mean he does them wrong. On the other hand, not always the most expensive is the best. If you are looking for a good beauty salon, nice and cheap (or at least not so expensive), we suggest you go to an area where there are many salons because when there is a lot of competition nearby, the most logical thing is to make more competitive prices to win clients and make their stylists better qualified. What other characteristics do you think that the good stylists like Propaganda Hair Group should have?


Cost of repair and replacement of glass for cars

When the glass of the car is damaged, probably what you think first is: how much will auto glass cost me? The auto glass is an important part of your vehicle. It protects you and your passengers from the debris of time and the road, but it also plays a role in the overall aesthetic appearance of the vehicle. When it comes to us, we offer professional auto glass repair, we have more than 30 years of dedicated experience.

If you are looking for auto glass, then we are happy to tell you that we work with all the major insurance companies so that the process is handled much more quickly and easily. Because we are a company dedicated to making new glass repairs a perfect fit; We use OEM urethane activators as well as primers so that your vehicle will get a factory quality installation. Our materials are purchased directly from the manufacturer, so you can be sure that you will get a quality replacement from the manufacturer and install.

When you think of our auto glass repair, you can only think of windshields. While managing the windshield change and repair, we also do much more. We take care of your side mirrors and side windows too. Because we specialize in auto glass for all makes and models, we can help you with your automotive restoration project. We can provide the hard to find glasses and mirrors for your vintage and vintage vehicles. When a dent appears, a crack or other type of damage occurs, the last thing you should do is postpone repair or replacement of the car’s glass due to cost. For this reason, we offer competitive prices that allow you to repair the damage as soon as possible.

Repairs can be made by submitting a claim to the insurance or not. If the dent has a size that does not exceed the diameter of a 25 ¢ coin, and the crack does not exceed three inches in length, an attempt will be made to repair the glass before recommending replacement. At auto glass we offer several solutions so you can choose the most accessible price to repair your windshield or glass. Our extensive network of centers and our mobile service allow us to repair any impact on the windshield quickly and effectively, or if it is necessary to replace any other glass in the car. In addition, all our works are guaranteed

Cost of auto glass and replacement: payment with insurance

What some people do not realize is that the cost of windshield repair is usually completely covered by insurance. To facilitate the process, we work closely with major insurance companies in the country to handle your insurance claim.

How do you know if your insurance will cover the total cost of the service? Choose the option that corresponds to you below:

Option 1: It is possible to repair the original auto glass

Generally, this is free of charge, since most of the time it will be covered by the insurance company and, normally, will not affect the cost of your insurance. This is the best scenario, and thanks to our home service we can do repairs anywhere. You will receive a repair service from experts, with top quality materials, and without additional costs.

Option 2: You need to replace the current auto glass

Generally, this should be covered by your insurance company, although some costs may be paid by policyholders, like any deductible. The total amount of disbursement may vary depending on the magnitude of the damage, where it is located and the type of vehicle. You will be responsible for any exceptional costs that your insurance does not cover or if you have coverage, but the cost is less than the deductible. If the cost exceeds the deductible, you will be responsible for any deductible that may apply. If you have any other questions about insurance, see our Insurance Questions page for more information. Our free mobile service that makes the replacement broken or window shattered quick and easy.


  • Car glass repairs
  • Auto glass
  • A glass door, rear glass, Vent Glass & amp; Side Glass Replacement
  • Crystal Truck
  • Electric and Manual Window Repair / Replacement (Motors, Switches, and Regulators)
  • Cost of repair and replacement of glasses for cars: payment on your own

If you choose not to submit a claim to your insurance or if you do not have full coverage, you will be responsible for the replacement cost. This price may vary depending on the size of the damage, but a good way to calculate the replacement price of windshield replacement is to get an online quote.

Requesting a quote is very easy. Receive your quote directly from auto glass services to know the cost of repair or replacement of the glass:

  1. Visit the Request Quotation page.
  2. Enter your zip code.
  3. Choose how you want to pay.
  4. Select the type of damage.
  5. Choose if you prefer the service at home or in the workshop.

Not only this but, as leaders in the auto glass repair and replacement industry, it is our duty to help protect the environment for future generations by setting an example. Our local and global presence drives us to control our environmental footprint, as it is important not only for the planet but for our loyal customers. Due to this dedication, we maintain our firm commitment to reduce our impact on the environment and we do so in various ways. We specialize in all brand and models for your restoration project. Call us today for pricing information and we will start working on your project.

Auto glass services:

  • Replacement of auto glass
  • Side mirrors
  • Approved by all major insurance companies
  • Direct bill insurance companies

Do you have any other questions about the replacement cost of glasses? Watch the following video for more information. Auto glass services representative is available to answer any questions you have, simply call us!


Corded electric chainsaw information

Corded electric chainsaw info on ProGardenTips takes a step further in terms of technology and gets into that select group where you do not need to have gasoline or a cable to take it where you want because with your battery you can hook it to your shoulder and give around the world with her. Compared to traditional gasoline hedge trimmers, the Black & Decker GT6060 model has an electric motor that generates a capacity of 600 watts of power and excellent performance. For this power supply, you will not need batteries as this model works directly plugged into the network, with a large cable that gives it an excellent autonomy to operate.

The 600 watts of power of the engine allows obtaining an equivalent speed of operation at 1840 turns or cycles per minute, which allows you to eliminate all types of plant elements at a suitable saw stroke, being able to cut and operate optimally for both sides of the Sierra. By the way, for your safety, the product has a protection system against overvoltage to reduce the risks during use. See more at corded electric chainsaw info on ProGardenTips.

As when buying machines there are always different types and classes, sometimes deciding it becomes very difficult. For this case, it is better to see the Differences between the Electric, Gasoline and Battery Chainsaws. If you have more doubts about what types of Chainsaw there are and know a little more about this equipment, we invite you to first review the article Guide What Chainsaw to Buy? Must see corded electric chainsaw info on ProGardenTips.

Differences between Electric Chainsaws vs Gasoline vs Battery

Remember that to buy a chainsaw according to its activation or power supply, we must know the advantages or disadvantages of each. Let’s start by defining what your job is like to then find those pros and cons.

Why Choose an Electric Chain Saw: Advantages

If you are the amateur type, neophyte or just want to do domestic work, this type of Chainsaw is the ideal. It feeds electricity by means of a cable that they bring. Depending on its power, is the use that can be given, do not try to force these machines, if it is not appropriate, check another option? There are Chainsaws from 700 W to 2600 W. They are connected directly to the Electric Network without any additional device. They can be connected to an Electric Generator, obviously choosing the right Generator.

  • If we review some of its advantages of electric chainsaws, we can remember that:
  • They are useful for domestic work and suddenly without so much frequency of use
  • You must have an electrical outlet or extension on hand
  • You must be very careful not to cut or cut the cable when using the Chainsaw
  • They are of limited power, not for industrial uses
  • Easier to repair and perform maintenance.
  • They are very practical equipment that anyone can manipulate

Why Choose a Battery Electric Chain Saw: Advantages

This is the same for any amateur, the advantage is that it can be used without being connected to an electrical outlet. It is special for camping or simply to use in your backyard or orchard. You just have to keep in mind that the battery must be charged in advance. Check out more at corded electric chainsaw info on ProGardenTips.

Some of its pros and cons are:

  • It is very useful for simple jobs and sporadic use
  • Remember that you must charge your battery for about 8 hours before using it
  • Its autonomy is very short, we can advise you to buy an additional battery
  • Its maintenance is easy to perform
  • Limited power, not suitable for industrial work
  • Economical to acquire

Why Choose a Gasoline Chainsaw: Pros and Cons – corded electric chainsaw info on ProGardenTips:

As it was said, there are so professional in this characteristic that handle uninterrupted tasks with an extreme quality. This type of Chainsaw has a powerful engine powered by fuel, in this case, they are always Gasoline and will always be 2-stroke engines so the chainsaw must be rotated according to use, you cannot use a configuration of type 4 times. Something that you must never forget is that apart from the lubricant that the chain requires and regardless of the power source, they all bring it, it is the oil or lubricant in its motorized parts, without this, the motor would be damaged.

Some Advantages of Gasoline Chainsaws:

  • They are suitable for both domestic and professional jobs
  • Depending on the reference they have a very good autonomy of use
  • You must do constant preventive maintenance
  • Do not forget the use of oil not of the chain but of the engine
  • Its repair will be more expensive
  • A little more expensive to acquire
  • Perfect for Professional and Industrial jobs

For most garden enthusiasts a good battery-powered electric chainsaw is perfect as they provide us with enough energy to make our improvements in the yard. They are ideal for trimming, pruning, and cutting small trunks and even serve to cut logs to make firewood. Of course, beware; there are limits with these machines which we will talk about later. Each model comes with its own strengths and weaknesses. Keep in mind that not all electric chainsaws are suitable for firewood. It really depends on the total power and size of the model, which we will see shortly. The electric or gasoline chainsaws are all we need to feel like a complete gardener men (without excluding the women, who are sure that today there are millions of women who take care of the patio and insurance much better than us).

What is the purpose of this electric power saw?

As I say, being the best electric chainsaws, it will be useful for any job where you have to say something in the garden. Okay, I specify something else. You can cut wood without any problem and without practical effort. There is a lot more at corded electric chainsaw info on ProGardenTips. To go and drive you crazy will not help you. To cut a car in two will not help you. For anything that you think is out of the normal gardening stuff, it probably will not work for you.


Quality dentistry at an unbeatable price

It is the branch of dentistry responsible for diagnosis, prevention, interception and correction of all clinical forms of malocclusion, as well as crowding, diastemas, open bites, closed bites, scissors bite, and skeletal problems, among other anomalies that prevent the patient has an occlusal and functional harmony that allows him to talk, eat and smile properly.

In our clinic, we offer a variety of preventive treatments that help stop the malocclusion and thus prevent it from progressing. We also offer general treatments and


  1. Dental hygiene
  2. Topical application of fluoride to strengthen the teeth and prevent tooth decay
  3. Pits and fissure sealants: preventive treatment that consists of sealing grooves and pits that have teeth where it is very easy to caries
  4. Space maintainers: simple devices that are placed when the child has lost a tooth prematurely, and much more

At us, we are committed to providing the patient with a personalized quality service and using the most modern resources and techniques. We believe that good oral health is essential for an optimal quality of life that is why we offer solutions in different areas of dentistry. We offer you the best services and technologies at prices without competition because we believe that everyone has the right to enjoy good oral health, regardless of their economic situation.

For Celebrity Orthodontist we have a team of professionals differs by offering a close treatment, which gives the patient the security of being in the best hands. They cover all the branches of oral health, standing out for their academic training, more than 30 years of experience and mainly for their human quality. These characteristics offer confidence, security, and tranquility to the patient, who feels that their case is in the best hands and will always have a personalized treatment.

At Celebrity Orthodontist center, provided with comfortable facilities, is located in the center. Our clients are everything for us, that’s why we look for them to feel comfortable in our dental clinic offering them a good atmosphere, professionalism, and kindness. If you have any questions about the services we offer, about our team or you just want to know how we can help you improve your smile, do not hesitate to contact us. It’s never too late to have that smile you’ve dreamed about so much.

We are not just any clinic: we have available to our patients the most innovative services and the most advanced technology to guarantee maximum comfort during their treatment. We design the orthodontics of the future. If you are a celebrity and ate looking for a Celebrity Orthodontist, then we are your best choice!

Four years ago the different areas of dentistry have been integrated by incorporating more specialists to be able to solve cases in a more comprehensive and effective way.

Each case is analyzed completely, a diagnostic appointment is made where photographs, study models, and clinical history are taken, as well as panoramic and cephalometric radiographs that provide us with the necessary information to determine the type of treatment for each case. patient. Each case is different, therefore the treatment varies according to the patient’s age, type of malocclusion, the presence of oral habits and patient profile, so the treatment time also depends on these factors.


What is organic acerola powder?

Popular culture has made us believe since childhood that oranges and citrus fruits, in general, are the main sources of vitamin C (ascorbic acid) at our disposal. Although the contribution of vitamin C of these fruits is not negligible, there are fruits that exceed the amounts that can provide us with this antioxidant, and by far. Acerola cherry, also known as Antillean cherry or Barbados cherry, is native to South America and is one of the fruits with the highest vitamin C content,

The Acerola:

Acerola is a small red fruit very similar to cherries that is characterized by its mild and acid taste at the same time. Bright red it is a tropical and subtropical species. In general, it does not withstand temperatures below 7º C for long periods. Due to its favorable climate and soil, Brazil is currently the leading producer of acerola in the world.

Organic acerola powder extract:

Due to its delicate conservation and its tropical nature, it is very difficult to consume fresh acerola. So our health can take advantage of the benefits of this, through products that have been developed, such as organic acerola powder or high-quality acerola capsules.

Organic acerola powder benefits:

Acerola is a fruit with multiple benefits and health properties for what has traditionally been used to prevent colds and other respiratory diseases, but has also been given the use of fungicide (combat fungi), anti-inflammatory, anti-anemic, astringent and diuretic: however the main feature is its high content of vitamin C, which can be up to 80 times higher than that found in citrus fruits such as orange.

Also called ascorbic acid, vitamin C is necessary for the growth and development of our body and intervenes in a very important amount of metabolic reactions. Unlike other nutrients that can be synthesized in small amounts within our body, this vitamin is a completely essential nutrient, which is why it is necessary to obtain it through food and/or supplements. In addition, vitamin C belongs to the group of water-soluble vitamins or what is the same, it dissolves easily in water made that makes it difficult to store in our body, so we need a continuous supply of Vitamin C.

Organic acerola powder is essential for the growth and repair of all body tissues. This is because it is involved in the synthesis of collagen, a protein used to form the skin, tendons, gums, ligaments and blood vessels. It is also essential for the healing of wounds and for the repair and maintenance of teeth, bones, and cartilages. Thanks to the incomparable amount of Vitamin C from Acerola, this fruit can be considered as one of the foods of greater capacity ANTIOXIDANT that is found in nature, the function of antioxidants is to block part of the action of free radicals, which they are nothing more than toxic agents that damage our body structures causing, among other things, premature aging, cancer, heart disease, diabetes and even joint diseases such as arthritis.

  1. Acerola Cherry Extract can improve immune system.
  2. The Acerola Cherry Extract can help the growth and repair of tissues,
  3. Acerola Cherry Extract can protect against the harmful effects of pollution
  4. Acerola Cherry Extract can help prevent cancer
  5. Acerola Cherry extract can increase iron absorption
  6. Acerola Cherry Extract can help high blood pressure
  7. Acerola Cherry Extract – essential for the formation of collagen
  8. Acerola Cherry Extract can promote the healing of wounds and burns

Organic acerola powder properties:

  • It strengthens the immune system, increasing our resistance to colds, flu, and infections in general.
  • It helps correct iron deficiency anemia by increasing the intestinal absorption of iron and improving the serum levels of this mineral.
  • Antioxidant, fights free radicals, with the consequent benefit at all levels of health, prevents cancer, premature aging, and degenerative diseases.
  • It contributes to the formation of collagen in bones, cartilage, teeth, and skin.


  • Acerola is the anti-infective par excellence, to be taken as a preventive in case of influenza epidemic (for example) or with a curative character, once the disease has been declared.
  • Recommended for all respiratory diseases, as well as allergies to pollen, or hay fever.
  • As a reinforcer of the immune system, it reinforces the body’s defenses against microbes and viruses by accelerating the synthesis of antibodies.
  • A remarkable antioxidant, it slows down the destruction of cell membranes, counteracting the action of free radicals. Preventive of cancer and degenerative diseases.
  • Powerful tonic, very useful in cases of great physical fatigue or in case of nervous exhaustion, asthenia, etc.
  • It is an anti-stress that must be taken in the form of a cure, in case of depression, anguish, stress, etc.
  • Menopause: This vitamin, along with bioflavonoids, helps to produce more estrogen, decreases hot flashes, irritation and excess bleeding that occurs at menopause.


  • The daily dosage is 1 gr. of powder (equivalent to a teaspoon of mocha) of acerola extract (morning or afternoon). The ingestion of this amount contains 170 mg. of natural vitamin C or 155% of the recommended dietary amounts.
  • If you take it in capsules are 2 capsules (morning or afternoon). The ingestion of this amount contains 136 mg. of natural vitamin C or 124% of the recommended dietary amounts.

Organic acerola powder – Antioxidant power:

Despite being an incredible source of vitamin C, this small but powerful fruit provides phytonutrients, substances of vegetable origin that plants produce for protection against adverse environmental conditions, and that act as antioxidants in the human body, protecting the organism from the effect of free radicals, helping the elimination of toxins and the prevention of degenerative diseases. There are still more antioxidant benefits of the small acerola because it contains carotenoids, the pigments responsible for its yellowish or reddish coloration, which have also been shown to have antioxidant activity in the body.

If you are lucky enough to get fresh acerola, you can consume it in the quantities you want, since its caloric intake is insignificant: only 30 calories per 100 grams. You can include it in sweet recipes such as jellies and jams, or salty, to make sauces to accompany meats. You can also include it in your shakes, taking care to consume it when it is ripe, which is when it tastes better and its properties are at maximum.


Free Instagram followers

Our service allows our customers to win tastings on Instagram and get free Instagram followers. we are not just a store, we are an indispensable tool for you to get tanned on the Instagram quickly. In just a few hours after purchasing our service and processing your order, you will notice a considerable difference in the number of likes in your publications or photos.

In 2017 we hope you will continue to trust our experience and allow us to make this contribution to the success of your online business. We continue to believe that this can be a successful partnership full of positive productivity drivers and we plan to improve our automatic likes systems throughout the year to address some of the issues that may exist and to create a better and more reliable service. In addition, a free Instagram follower is not only important that you upload the number of your followers, but also keep them in time, for that you must keep them faithful to you through your publications.

Free Instagram followers:

Trust our expert team to position and improve your image on Instagram, as well as to boost your profile in such a globalized and competitive world. When a brand, company or public figure has a low number of followers, it can have a direct impact on its potential to acquire more sales opportunities or possible jobs.

Free Instagram followers… for what?

As we mentioned previously, the fact of having a high impact profile in this social network will guarantee a greater number of possibilities of obtaining benefits beyond Instagram. The purchase of followers on Instagram will ensure that a profile gets a stronger and more credible image in the eyes of potential buyers and followers.

Example profile with many followers vs profile with free Instagram followers

Let’s put the following situation: a person wants to get a tattoo, and as you know is something that will last for life, therefore your main concern will be that a recognized tattoo artist proceeds to do this work. In this way, the tattoo artist who has 20 free Instagram followers will automatically be discarded because it offers very little confidence for a job of such caliber.

Now, if the same tattoo artist instead of having 20 followers had 15,000, the situation would change completely, since it offers a much more serious and professional image. Does it mean having a lot of followers that can have a lot more work? Absolutely yes. Not only that, but if he is also good at his work he will serve as a showcase to show the world what he knows how to do, and most likely he will be recognized with thousands of new free Instagram followers.


Upload photos with clarity and luminosity: It is known that the images with more clarity and light obtain a 24% higher of likes than other dark ones.

  • Do not overload funds: Images with more space in the background get 29% higher likes than others with less depth.
  • Dominant color: Images with the blue dominant color obtain a 24% higher of likes than others in which the red color predominates.
  • A number of colors: Images with a single dominant color offer 17% higher likes than others with multiple colors.
  • Saturation: Images with low saturation offer 18% higher likes compared to others that use more vibrant colors.
  • Texture: Textured images offer 79% higher likes than others that do not.

We render the services to you and your business. Through the free Instagram followers that we offer, your business can sustain and improve its credibility and fame!


This Foosball Guide is All You Need to Be a Pro in No Time!

Do your boys play foosball around and you just stand there watching? Or have you and the guys bought a new foosball table to have something new to do together but have no clue how to go about it. Don’t worry! This foosball guide will show you the short cut for becoming a pro straight from a beginner.

Foosball Shooting Tips

First thing you need to do is to not to grip the handle too hard. Gripping it too tight will give you more control than you need while too loose will obviously not work in your favor. That’s why it’s important that you hold it in a balanced way. Now there is a way to tell when you are holding it too tight and when you are holding it just right.

You see the skin that connects the index finger and your thumb? That is the test. If you are gripping the handle so that the skin is wrapped around the handle and there is no space left, it is an indication that you are holding it too tight. You want to hold it so that there is a gap between the skin and the handle. Try to keep in mind that you are not holding a bat or a racket.

Secondly, you want to move your wrist quickly every now and then to make an effective shot. When you turn your wrist in a quick motion, it should make your handle spin about 180 degrees. This will provide you the speed that you need to make a nice graceful shot. Try to use your hand openly and not in a confined manner so that you can get the best out of it.

Foosball Serving Tips

One thing great about playing foosball and not real soccer is that you get to serve yourself the ball on the drop. It’s just as important as the coin toss in the start of the real game. This is your chance to turn the tables (not literally of course). If you just stick the ball through holes, you are putting yourself at a disadvantage while your opponent at a great advantage.

Now the tip here is that you play smart. You have to be quick and send the ball to the men on the 5 the bar as soon as it drops. This brings the ball into your court and you have now the control over the game.

The Bumper Lube Tip

It is a widely known tip used by many players, that’s why you probably already know it if you have been playing it for a while. But since this foosball guide covers beginners as well, we might as well go through it again.

The lube is something you can use to clean and lubricate the rods of the foosball table. This takes off a lot of build-up from the rods and makes them smoother and more efficient.

Applying a lot of lube may cause some flake and wear. So if you are new to this and you own a foosball table, you might not want to get into that just yet.

Foosball Defense Tips

Use two rod together to present a better and stronger defense unit. Arrange them so that there is no space between your men and the ball can’t get through them that easily. The slightest gap between your men can turn the whole game around.

Your men should always be on the move, which means that you should always be in the defense mode. Don’t go easy because your partner has the ball you don’t have to move around, in fact that’s when you move around the most. A strong defense is the best offence.

When you are up against the old players, don’t give them something to go on. They have an eye for patterns and you don’t want them to catch yours. They have skill and experience which gives them a clear edge. What you can use in your favor is unpredictability. Keep changing your strategies, your moves and your patterns so they never know what it coming next and you get the benefit of taking them by surprise.

Avoid accidental bounces as much as you can. You will notice that the ball usually hits the men that are not even directly in the play or a hurdle towards the goal. These men are placed there for a special reason and that it to avoid these kinds of bounces. Do not use them for defense purposes, just tilt them slightly to keep the ball in the play.

If you try, you will notice that you can handle two rows at a time. You can do that by using your thumb and pinkie finger. You can use it to control your defense rows and it can prove really handy when your opponent is playing on the defensive side.


5 Quirky Life Hacks You Can Do Yourself

There comes a time in everyone’s life when they are need things that are not around.

You just can’t enjoy the luxury of having everything around all the time, that just not how life works.

But what you can do is learn some quirky life hacks that let you do everything yourself.

The thing is that there are so many thing around us that can help us through a situation, we just fail to realize it.

Here are some do-it-yourself hacks that will make your life very easy:

Annoyed by the noise that comes out a leaky faucet? Fix it.

If there is anything that is as annoying as the neighbor’s baby crying at 3 in the morning it is the noise of the leaky pipe.

Even if you can’t fix it, you can surely make it go away.

Take a thread.

Tie one end of the thread to the tip of the tap while the other goes on the faucet from under the tap.

The drops will travel down the thread that will minus the noise and you will be able to sleep peacefully again.

What’s that smell?

You and many who visit you must wonder at time, but what can you do?

Can’t throw trash into trash, can you?

Your trash bags often become al squishy because of all the liter and the fluids of the fruits which leads up to an unbearable smell in the house.

What to do? It is trash, it’s going to smell.

Not really.

You can use old newspaper at the end of the dustbins so that it can absorb all the squishiness i.e. the food juice.

And as a result there will be no smell.

Garden is running Dry and the Sprinklers Have Betrayed You

This happens to almost everyone.

What you can do is make your own.

Get a Pepsi bottle and loads of duct tape.

Fill the bottle with water and wrap it up with duct tape to make it air-tight.

Don’t be shy.

And then just poke hole in the cap and sprinkle all you want.

Boring Long Road trip?

It often happens that on a long road trip you get bored, what to do?

Take your phone in it.

In fact you can even use tape to stick it there so that it doesn’t cover the screen.

Now make a hole in the bag and out your head in it so that you can watch movies and have a cinema feels.

Separating the Yolk from the White

That sounds so complicated, when it is easiest of the quirky life hacks.

You don’t have to be an expert to do it, or even know how to cook at all; although what are you doing with an egg if you don’t cook?

Just break the egg in a plate. Take a bottle of Pepsi separately and squeeze it.

Place it near the yolk and leave so that it makes a vacuum and sucks up the yolk.